Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So my husband thinks I am a hypochondriac. He may be right. When I was in junior high school I walked around saying I had a brain tumor. Might have been migraines. Possibly just bad headaches.

ANYWAY...when you have this reputation people have a tendency to discount what you say in regards to health-physical and mental.  So I have, for awhile now, had concerns about my older son.  Nothing big.  He is healthy.  He can communicate with us.  He's hitting milestones.  HE CAN READ-at 3 years old!  But there is just this feeling I get that something isn't quite right.

We've hung out with the same friends since he was a year old but he doesn't call them friends.  Could care less about them when we play at their houses.  He freaks out when kids are in the same aisle at the grocery store.  He refuses to potty train.  He wont feed himself.  Dress himself.  He can't stop moving-running around the house, jumping on the furniture, spinning.  He will randomly touch people in public.  

At first I thought he might have Aspergers-on the autism spectrum.  Then maybe ADD/ADHD.  Now I am leaning towards SPD-Sensory Processing Disorder.  I would love to have him evaluated.  My husband, on the other hand, thinks I am over dramatic.  A hypochondriac.  He says even if there is something wrong so what.  He'll be fine.

My theory is that if there is something wrong we can get him help so he can get coping mechanisms.  Ways to get along better and not have the 35 minute freak out sessions because I moved a baby gate into the living room.

Maybe my hubby is right.  Maybe nothing is wrong.  But then I'd like a professional to tell me that-I don't trust my instincts anymore.