Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tree time

We have this great oak tree in our back yard. I love this time of year because the leaves start to turn these amazing colors. Reds, oranges, yellows. The boys and I often go out there and look at the leaves, well I look at them and they rip them off the tree and tear them to pieces. Anyway we picked quite a few leaves and brought them inside. We each picked a backround piece of construction paper and then cut out our trees from brown construction paper. Next we used glue dots to stick our leaves onto the tree and on the ground.

Little Monsters

Big man's class sent home a calendar with ideas for each day to improve literacy. One idea was to turn a paper plate upside down and create a face. We opted for monsters. With googly eyes of course. I love me some googly eyes. I went with the classic big head little body monster. Big man, on the other hand, went for a swirly purple body, 3 eyes, and a cool pumkin tie. Super easy and super fun.

Going Batty

So we decided that we wanted to make some bats for invites for a little playdate/party. I cut out the bat outline and a few funky design ovals, white triangles, and an orange mouth. We got out the googly eyes and some dots adhesive and went to town. And here they are...bats!