Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playdoh Earplugs

So yesterday me and the big little man (blm) were doing the playdoh thing. His friend bought him the spaghetti factory for his birthday and he LOVES it. Seriously. The boy will play for at least an hour. Everyday. It is the best.
Anyhoo...he was playing with it and I was feeding the littlest man while we all sat at the table. I looked down at little man because he wasn't latching well. Something to do with teething I think. When I look back at blm he is messing with his ear. Putting something in it? Taking something out of it? I'm not sure.
When I ask him if he's putting playdoh in his ear he says "NO" So I try to get a look at it. He screams at me. I get out the flashlight. It's a no go. I can't decide if I should be freaked out or not. I start researching on the internet. Always a bad idea for a hypocondriac like myself. I figure out that I shouldn't try to fish anything out myself. I im the big man and ask his advice. Decide the best course of action is to call the doctor.
I call the advice nurse...get a call back only 30 minutes later...and we decide that bringing him in is the best idea.
Daddy gets the honor of taking him to the doc today. I figure I've been there, done that, for most of the fun stuff so this time it's daddy's turn. Well..turns out that the ear infection I thought would clear up on its own 3 weeks ago is still hanging out. He hasn't been complaining/slowing down/feverish so I just thought he was over it. Oops.
Needless to say we start 10 days of antibiotics tonight. Gotta get healthy by the end of March's India trip.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Dayizzle...

So how did I spend the most romantic day of the year? Ha!
At midnight I gave my hubby a jar of naughty coupons. He looked at them, hoped that we could use them, and then fell asleep. Yippee!
This morning my older son and I went to a birthday party. Then we came home, had lunch, went to Costco, had dinner, took baths (daddy with big boy, me with small boy) and everyone but me fell asleep.
Ahh...the romance.
I've found that since my youngest son (now 6 months) was born sex with the hubster is a little less regular. Add to that the fact that my hubster's mother has been living with us the last 5 months and the pickings have been even slimmer. Which is too bad because in the time bc (before children) we had quite a sex life. I just hope that as the little ones become bigger ones we'll be able to salvage some of that.
Anyhow...Happy vday everyone