Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty Treat Bag

Something about Fall makes me want to craft. Colder weather? More holidays? The fact that my eldest son is in school 1/2 days 4 days a week?
Anyhow...this little kitty is one of my latest creations. Halloween crafts are super fun and many of them are pretty easy to do too. This one I made in a few hours. Super easy but a little tedious.

Basic components are:
Felt-brown/black, green, purple, and orange
Embroidery floss-white (I actually used fake sinew for mine because I had some lying around)

Basic directions:
1. Cut out a cat head shape twice
Cut out eyes, including pupil components
Cut out nose and mouth
Cut out two strap pieces

2. Begin the tedious job of blanket stiching the face on one of the cat heads, I also added whiskers by looping string through and tying a knot at the point where it comes out of the felt. Then I cut the end of the loop and untwist the floss to give whiskers.
3. Next stitch the bag straps to each cat head
4. Last but not least blanket stitch both cat heads to each other

Eventually I will fill the little bag with Halloween treats and give it to a friend. Next I'm going to try a pumpkin head!

BTW I am loving the new hair color. Not sure if the bangs were a good move though. :o)