Thursday, September 10, 2009

School Bus Shapes

Many of my quick crafts with my kiddo require a little bit of prep the night before so I am good to go when I finally get my squirming ball of energy to sit down with me.

This project is no exception. Some quick turns with the scissors and you're good to go. If your child is a bit more adept at the scissor use you could have them cut out the shapes. Or if you have more patience than me...anyhow...

You need:

4 small black construction paper rectangles
2 small black construction paper circles
1 large yellow construction paper rectangle
1 medium yellow construction paper rectangle with 2 rounded edges
1 small yellow construction paper rectangle with on edge folded 1/8 inch
1 piece of construction paper (blue sky or green or white)

I told my kiddo since school was starting we'd be making some busses out of shapes. I took out the shapes and had him sort them into piles based on the shape. I also could have had him sort them by color but since there were only 2 colors here didn't seem like it was needed.

Once we talked about the different shapes we talked about what busses look like. He has ridden on the city bus and once got to ride on a school bus at the zoo (which at the time was the thrill of his life). After discussing the general shape of the bus we set to work to create our own.

Big yellow rectangle body glued down first.
Followed by medium yellow rectangle hood.
Followed by black circle tires.
Followed by black windows.
Followed by carefully gluing just the 1/8 inch fold down on the yellow rectangle to make a door that opened.

Ta dah...we have a bus. Well actually we made 2!

Oh and he wanted me to write school bus on them in case you didn't know just by looking at them. Silly boy.

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