Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn Leaves

So every fall I try to do a few leaf related crafts. This one is super easy. It just takes some contac paper, some squares of tissue paper, and construction paper.

Basically you cut a leaf shape out of the construction paper. I am lazy and didn't want to find a leaf shape online, print out, etc. so I just free handed a couple. Anyhow, once you have a leaf shape you then cut out the interior and leave just a leaf outline.

Next you cut a piece of Contac paper that is just a little bit bigger than your leaf outline. Remove the backing and then press the leaf outline down.

Then put the squares of tissue paper on the contac paper. They stick really easily and you can do some overlapping.

Last but not least you then cut around the leaf shape and hang the finished product in a window. In my picture the laziness factor got the best of me and I didn't cut around the leaf-although the extra contac paper proved a useful way to hang the leaf up on my sliding glass door.

BTW my 2 yr old rocked this one. Super easy for him to put the tissue paper squares on the leaf and feel like he really did the project. His is the 1st leaf.

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